OpenAI bids for Japan business as it opens Tokyo office

Headed by president of Amazon Web Services in Japan

AI-generated models could bring more diversity to the fashion industry or leave it with less

Companies to be transparent and ethical about deploying AI technology

Musk looking for engineers, designers, tutors for his AI firm

His xAI company is hiring engineers and designers

Nike debuts AI-designed sneakers ahead of Paris Olympics

High-tech shoe concepts won’t be available for purchase just yet though

US-China competition to field military drone swarms could fuel global arms race

Spread of swarm technology “could lead to more instability and conflict around the world

US topples China as Taiwan's largest export market due to chips, AI demand

US exports increased by 65 per cent to $9.11bn, a 6pc jump

SAG-AFTRA union secures AI protections for artists in deal with major record labels

A final ratification vote by members is expected to take place in the next few weeks

US lawmakers angry after Huawei unveils laptop with new Intel AI chip

Its first AI-enabled laptop, the MateBook X Pro powered by Intel's new Core Ultra 9 processor

South Korea to host second AI Safety Summit on May 21-22

South Korea to host second AI Safety Summit on May 21-22

A 73-year-old congressman enrolls himself at university to understand AI

Beyer is also learning how to write computer code

Consumers would be notified of AI-generated content under Pennsylvania bill

Topics covered by the bills include the risk of bias and discrimination, and deepfakes

Apple plans Mac line overhaul with AI-focused M4 chips

Apple is planning to highlight the AI processing capabilities of the new chips

Microsoft to launch AI hub in London

The unit will be led by Mustafa Suleyman, the London-born cofounder of the Google DeepMind

Spotify to introduce AI-powered playlist creation feature

Create playlist of your choice just with a prompt

What is Literacy Pen and how it works?

Groundbreaking 'Literacy Pen' will combat global illiteracy

Canada's Trudeau announces package of AI investment measures

A budget of C$2.4 billion will be allocated for computing and researchers

IT students don't need to worry about losing jobs to AI

Humans will continue to be essential for solving modern problems

Bollywood braces for AI as jobs, identity, rights at risk

AI offers access to voice cloning technology for common public for free

Samsung is fixing AI to washing machines, cameras to fridges

New artificial intelligence technology can save energy and stop food waste

Inside Big Tech's underground race to buy AI training data

Tech companies are also quietly paying for content locked behind paywalls and login screens

Investors in talks to help Elon Musk's xAI raise $3 billion

Grok-1.5, a chatbot rivaling OpenAI's ChatGPT

Meta overhauls rules on deepfakes, other altered media

Start applying "Made with AI" labels in May to AI-generated media

Microsoft says China using AI to sow division in US

China is using AI-generated content and fake social media accounts to inflame division in US

AI seen cutting worker numbers, survey by staffing company Adecco shows

25% of companies expected AI to trigger job losses

New York City defends AI chatbot that advised entrepreneurs to break law

Adams has been an ardent advocate for deploying untested technology

Google Cloud launches startup competition in Pakistan

Contest will identify, showcase, and cultivate innovative entrepreneurial ventures

Nvidia supplier SK Hynix to invest $3.87 bln in US chip packaging plant

The facility "will help strengthen supply chain resilience" for AI chips in the U.S.

Google plans to charge for AI-powered search engine

Would mark Google's first time in putting any of its core products behind a paywall

Yahoo acquires Instagram co-founders' AI news platform Artifact

AI-powered recommendation engine and other features will help scale its news operations

OpenAI makes ChatGPT accessible without an account

Company makes it easier for people to experience benefits of AI without having to sign up to do so

Pakistani researcher achieves milestone in artificial vision

The device operates by absorbing light in Silicon

Eerie AI influencer to present popular reality show

AI influencer is a combination of physical and personality attributes

Google adds new AI features to help you with online shopping

The tech giant is also adding models that range from XXS to 4XL

New AI-powered wearable device could help people without voice speak again

This device offers promising solutions that could transform the way we communicate

Pakistani researcher achieves milestone in artificial vision in AI era

Their device can be used to drive vision sensors for performing neuromorphic functions

US Congress bans staff use of Microsoft's AI Copilot, Axios reports

Policymakers have been looking at potential risks in federal agency adoption of AI

Microsoft, OpenAI plan $100 billion data-center project, media report says

The project is expected to be 100 times more costly than the biggest existing data centers

AI fails to detect depression signs in social media posts by Black Americans, study finds

Social media data could be used for risk assessment of an individual or group

Musk's xAI to launch improved version of chatbot

Elon Musk launched a chatbot 'Grok' on its platform X, available for only premium users

Artificial Intelligence could take over eight million jobs in UK: Report

Women will be worst affected, a leading think tank has warned

Samsung Galaxy to launch AI features in other devices as well on March 28

These devices include Galaxy S series, flip, fold and Tab

Musk's xAI to enable chatbot Grok for all premium subscribers of X

Musk turned his focus to more attractive subscription plans

OpenAI's Sora to enter Hollywood revolutionizing the filmmaking

Sora is an AI-powered text to video generator

Ready or not, AI chatbots are here to help with Gen Z's mental health struggles

Authors say chatbots could “significantly reduce” symptoms of depression, distress in the short term

WhatsApp to roll out AI photo editor, 1-min status duration

These features are in development now, will be released soon

Ready or not, AI chatbots are here to help with Gen Z's mental health struggles

Chatbots could “significantly reduce” symptoms of depression and distress in the short term

New bipartisan bill would require online identification, labeling of AI-generated videos and audio

Online platforms be required to label the content in a way that would notify users

Anthropic weighs slate of sovereign wealth funds to acquire FTX's $1 bln stake

Anthropic also privately ruled out Saudi Arabia as a potential stakeholder

Tokyo, Tokyo, make me a match! Metropolis hopes AI app will spur marriages

government of Japan's capital is making efforts to reverse declines in marriages and births

Apple held talks with China's Baidu over AI for its devices

Apple held talks with China's Baidu over AI for its devices

Italian watchdog's AI staff struggle spotlights global challenge

Demand for AI experience and expertise has surged since OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT

Tennessee becomes first US state with law protecting musicians from AI

The legislation is called the Ensuring Likeness Voice and Image Security (ELVIS) Act

Britain's BBC considers building in-house AI model

No agreement with any organization to use its archive to train their AI models

UN adopts first global artificial intelligence resolution

To shape AI's development, amid fears it could be used to disrupt democratic processes

Borderless AI raises $27 mln in funding

Borderless AI raises $27 mln in funding

Ai Pin replaces your phone revolutionizing the way things done

You just have to give commands and everything is sorted out

UN General Assembly to address AI's potential risks, rewards

The text stresses on guidelines "to promote safe, secure and trustworthy AI system"

Intel clinches nearly $20 billion in awards from Biden to boost US chip output

Awards for South Korea's Samsung and Taiwan's TSMC are expected in the coming weeks

Musk's Neuralink shows first brain-chip patient playing online chess

The implant seeks to enable people to control a computer cursor or keyboard using only their thought

Photographer Annie Leibovitz: 'AI doesn't worry me at all'

Leibovitz is being inducted as a foreign associate member of the French Academy of Fine Arts

Meta expects first shipments of new Nvidia chips later this year

Chips needed to power most cutting-edge artificial intelligence work

Central banks use AI to assess climate-related risks

Gaia focuses on the definition of each indicator, rather than how the data is labelled

South Korea summit warns of AI risks to democracy

South Korea hosted summit which warned of AI risks to democracy

Apple in talks to let Google's Gemini power iPhone AI features

Its upcoming iPhone iOS 18 would have the AI features

Elon Musk's XAI open sources Grok

Open sourcing will assist researchers and developers in feedback and testing

Will AI save humanity? US tech fest offers reality check

Positive disruptions can help to solve global sustainability issues

Toyota unveils robot with human-like handling

It can hug items close to its chest for transport and carry objects on its shoulder

Does a relationship with an AI bot count as cheating?

The third person in your relationship may not be a real person. It could be that AI chatbot

Reddit receives FTC inquiry on AI-related deals ahead of IPO

Reddit struck a deal with Google for AI training

OpenAI unveils its innovative 'figure 1' humanoid robot

Robot is said to surpass human abilities

No smartphone or internet? No problem; AI-backed phone has the answers

Now you can access AI technology without the internet

Abu Dhabi-backed firm in talks to invest in OpenAI chip venture

There is a rise of investment and development of AI tools

Cognition develops world's first AI software engineer, Devin

Devin seems to have surpassed the human intellect by completing complex tasks

Samsung poised to win over $6 bln from US for expanded investment

S.Korean chipmaker would get grants via CHIPS Act

G7 industry ministers agree to cooperate on AI, supply chains, presidency says

Group of leading seven economies joins hands for AI development

Microsoft singles out Google's competitive edge in generative AI

Says new entrants and competitors of Google and Apple will not enjoy the same advantages

US report says AI poses threat to human existence, security

Avert the threat by putting guardrails on AI chips and training of models to certain threshold

ChatGPT users to get access to news content from Le Monde, Prisa Media

OpenAI's partnership with media groups in Europe

New AI tools can record your medical appointment or draft a message from your doctor

Doctors or nurses must approve the AI-generated messages before sending them

Google Play to show AI FAQs, YouTube videos for games

Developers would attract the users with these new enhancements

Climate change makes fashion less seasonal thanks to unpredictable weather pattern

The clothing industry used to work according to clearly delineated seasons

Samsung to use chip making tech favoured by SK Hynix as AI chip race heats up

The demand for chips has boomed with the growing popularity of generative AI

Google restricts AI chatbot from answering queries on global elections

The update comes at a time when advancements in generative AI have fanned concerns

Iris, Kerala's first AI teacher, unveiled

Revolutionising education with technology

Head of ChatGPT hints at 'new AI models' that are 'more powerful than what we're exposing'

Deng said it's "definitely something we’re concerned about”

Elon Musk says his AI startup xAI will open-source its Grok chatbot

xAI rolled out its ChatGPT competitor Grok for Premium+ subscribers of X (Twitter)

AI talent war heats up in Europe

AI startups are racing up to recruit the best talent

Nvidia is sued by authors over AI use of copyrighted works

AI's rise has made Nvidia a favorite of investors.

90 scientists sign letter aimed at preventing AI bioweapons

AI technologies could be misused to cause harm

Italy's data watchdog looks into Open AI tool that turns text into video

OpenAI recently launched 'SORA', a video generation tool

Scientists pledge to prevent use of AI bioweapons

Life sciences researchers move to use AI sustainably

US mulls blacklisting CXMT to curb China's chip advance

The United States has moved aggressively to halt AI chips shipments to China

Sam Altman will return to OpenAI's board along with three new directors

His return led to discussions about how OpenAI would be governed

Inflection AI's chatbot Pi surpasses 1 million daily active users

Pi competes with rival models including OpenAI's GPT-4 and Google's Gemini

Broadcom sees $10 billion in AI chip sales in 2024, but shares dip

A 26% rally in Broadcom's stock in 2024, fueled largely by AI optimism

Microsoft engineer sounds alarm on AI image-generator to US officials and company's board

The technology poses dangers, including the ease with which users can generate harmful content

AI tools still permitting political disinformation creation, NGO warns

Says Midjourney had performed worst on its tests

Former Google engineer indicted for stealing AI secrets to aid Chinese companies

Ding stole detailed information about the hardware infrastructure and software platform

IBM says use of Adobe AI tools in marketing boosted productivity

IBM says use of Adobe AI tools in marketing boosted productivity

AI chip manufacturing subsidy leaves US officials with tough choices

AI chip manufacturing subsidy leaves US officials with tough choices

AI start-up Lore Machine in funding talks, rolls out visual-storytelling platform

AI start-up Lore Machine in funding talks, rolls out visual-storytelling platform

Singapore's Temasek in talks to invest in OpenAI

Singapore's Temasek in talks to invest in OpenAI

CM Maryam approves AI technology to curb traffic violations

Also unveils plan to construct 100,000 houses for poor

India asks tech firms to seek approval before releasing 'unreliable' AI tools

India has been tightening regulations for social media companies

Nikkei breaches 40,000 ceiling, Japan corporate spending on plants and equipment up 16pc

The capex data will be used to calculate revised gross domestic product figures due on March 11

Scientists develop smart gloves assisting users in new skills learning

Smart gloves can be effective in various industries

OpenAI lawsuit: Musk, investor Khosla trade barbs on X

Musk was board member of OpenAI until 2018 while Khosla had invested around $50 million in OpenAI

Scientists develop AI app to detect depression by facial expressions

AI app suggests help by detecting emotions and surrounding cues

Nvidia CEO says AI could pass human tests in five years

Nvidia, the world's leading maker of artificial intelligence chips used to create AI systems

Elon Musk sues OpenAI for abandoning original mission for profit

Elon Musk sues OpenAI for abandoning original mission for profit

Intel sees AI opportunity for standalone programmable chip unit

The market estimate for programmable chips was roughly $8-$10 billion for 2023

Riding high on AI, Nvidia is no bubble, says Wall Street

At the market close on February 23, Nvidia's share price increased fivefold

Prostate cancer discovery using AI could save thousands of lives

Artificial intelligence helped researchers make the breakthrough

US SEC probes whether OpenAI investors were misled

US SEC probes whether OpenAI investors were misled

South Korea's Yoon, Meta's Zuckerberg discuss AI, digital ecosystems

Mark Zuckerberg discussed potential cooperation in AI and XR technology

Apple to disclose AI plans later this year, CEO Tim Cook says

AI is already at work behind the scenes in Apple's products

France had no prior knowledge of Microsoft's Mistral AI deal

France had no prior knowledge of Microsoft's Mistral AI deal

Abu Dhabi sovereign fund to invest in space tech, AI this year

'We are in the business of driving progress and investing in solutions to global challenges'

Google pays small publishers for using AI generative tool

This tool would support journalist to get paid and recognized

Writer's Palmyra-Vision makes possible to generate text from images, graphs

This feature is beneficial for eCommerce businesses

Meta's Zuckerberg in South Korea, expected to discuss AI

He is expected to discuss AI chip supply and expanding ecosystems for generative AI

Apple cancels work on electric car, source says

Apple has so far held back from any big moves in AI, in stark contrast to other tech giants

OpenAI says New York Times 'hacked' ChatGPT to build copyright lawsuit

The allegations in the Times's complaint do not meet its famously rigorous journalistic standards

AI tools to improve people's health could put them at risk in other ways, doctors warn

AI is used in radiology – but could contribute to health threat there is, climate change

First ever robot surgery in space paves way for Mars trips

A team of Earth-based doctors have performed remote-controlled surgery in space using a robot

Woman to 'marry' AI-generated hologram in world first

Holograms are more closely related to my feelings than robots

China's Honor globally launches AI-enhanced Magic 6 Pro smartphone

China's Honor globally launches AI-enhanced Magic 6 Pro smartphone

Google aims to relaunch Gemini AI image tool

Google aims to relaunch Gemini AI image tool

Cost concerns could delay AI ramp up among IT clients

Cost concerns could delay AI ramp up among IT clients

Smartphone makers bet on AI to boost sales amid high inflation

Global shipments declined 3.2pc to 1.17bn units in 2023 in a second consecutive yearly decline

Meta to set up team to counter disinformation, AI abuse in EU elections

European Parliament elections will take place June 6

Xiaomi launches new photo-geared 14 Series smartphone

The phones integrate large AI models into various applications

'Most disturbing AI site on internet' can find every picture of you that exists

There’s a website for that and it’s kind of disturbing

Bezos, Nvidia join OpenAI in funding humanoid robot startup

Bezos had committed $100 million, Nvidia and an Amazon-affiliated fund providing $50 million

Google suspends Gemini AI chatbot's ability to generate pictures of people

AI image-generators can amplify racial and gender stereotypes

Microsoft Windows introduces AI photo eraser and background remover

All windows devices would get the feature soon

Nvidia identifies Huawei as top competitor for the first time in filing

Analysts have estimated China's AI chip market to be worth $7 billion

Saudi sovereign wealth fund pitches kingdom as AI hub

PIF was deploying about $40 billion to $50 billion annually

Reddit in AI content licensing deal with Google

The contract with Alphabet-owned Google is worth about $60 million per year

Adobe unveils AI Assistant in Acrobat to revolutionize digital document experience

Assist you to navigate the documents effectively and efficiently

Nikkei hits record high after Nvidia beat, rest of Asia muted

Japan benchmark index has already jumped about 16.5pc this year

Google brings Gemini AI models to enterprise tools

Google brings Gemini AI models to enterprise tools

Nvidia dethrones Tesla as Wall Street's most traded stock

Tesla since 2020 had dominated daily U.S. stock trading

Meta's Mark Zuckerberg to visit South Korea

Zuckerberg is expected to meet Samsung Electronics chairman Jay Y. Lee

India's AI market seen touching $17 bln by 2027

India’s AI market seen touching $17 bln by 2027

50pc of Asian students use AI to help with university work

In March 2023, several universities banned ChatGPT over plagiarism fears

India's Motilal Oswal says operations unaffected by cyber incident

India's Motilal Oswal says operations unaffected by cyber incident

Chinese EV maker Xpeng to hire 4,000, invest in AI

The company will also invest 3.5 billion yuan in AI research

Robot dog starts work on motorway to end traffic jams

The robotic machine aims to take over role from workers conducting surveys on roads

OpenAI's Altman seeks US government nod for AI chips venture

The new business could boost global chip manufacturing

SoftBank's Son is seeking about $100 bln for AI chip venture

The project, code named Izanagi, will supply semiconductors essential for AI

US patent office rejects OpenAI's trademark application for 'GPT'

GPT is a generic term used for general software or AI products

OpenAI valued at $80 billion after deal

The company would sell existing shares in a so-called tender offer

OpenAI, Meta and other tech giants sign effort to fight AI election interference

The new technology AI could be used to sway major elections

Google touts AI to vet troves of content in seconds; CEO predicts profit

Google's AI to analyze vastly more content than before, 30,000 lines of code, 11 hours of audio

ChatGPT's OpenAI reveals text-to-video tool

Company says the new platform was currently being tested

Why Apple Vision Pro users return headsets despite hype?

‘Can’t deal with these headaches after 10 minutes of use,’ one user says

OpenAI ventures into web search to challenge Google dominance

OpenAI expands collaboration with Bing, a year after Microsoft's Copilot integration

Meta adds exec from key chip partner to board

Broadcom CEO, and energy trading executive at Enron are now part of board of directors

Hackers use ChatGPT to target feminists, researchers reveal

Iranian hackers used artificial intelligence tools to ‘lure prominent feminists’

ChatGPT to get 'memory' to remember who you are, what you like

You can explicitly tell ChatGPT to remember something

Nokia unveils AI assistant for industrial workers

'MX Workmate' will expand on Nokia's existing communications technology used by industrial clients

Founding member Andrej Karpathy departs OpenAI

He is all set to pursue personal projects

EU lawmakers ratify political deal on artificial intelligence rules

The new rules aim to set the guardrails for technology used in industries

Mob attacks driverless car in San Francisco

Robotaxi torched one week after autonomous vehicle hit a cyclist

There is no evidence that AI can be controlled, expert says

Even partial controls would not be enough to keep us safe from AI reshaping society

Roadmap made for promotion of digital economy: IT minister

Pakistan can generate billions of dollars in revenue by implementing the initiatives

Nvidia CEO Huang says countries must build sovereign AI infrastructure

Nvidia has catapulted to a $1.73 trillion stock market value for high-end AI chips

Google pledges 25 million euros to boost AI skills in Europe

Tech giant had opened applications for social enterprises and nonprofits

Pakistan develops AI robot to support autistic children

AI robot works as friend and caretaker for autistic children

Musk's Neuralink switches location of incorporation to Nevada

Elon Musk's brain-chip implant company, Neuralink, changed its location

Disney harnesses AI to drive streaming ad technology

"Disney's Magic Words," this tool introduces a new form of contextual advertising for the Disney+

China creates world's first AI baby

'Tongtong', the AI baby acts like humans

US agency declares AI cloned voice robocalls illegal

"The use of generative AI has brought a fresh threat to voter suppression

OpenAI's Altman in talks to raise funds for chips, AI initiative - WSJ

The project could require raising as much as $5 trillion to $7 trillion

Apple to release AI photo editing tool, editing photos with text commands

With MGIE, users can simply type out their editing requests, ranging from basic to complex

OpenAI developing software that operates devices, automates tasks

The software will handle web-based tasks such as gathering public data about a set of companies

Microsoft launches Copilot internally to boost AI adoption by developers - Business Insider

AI applications, has made Microsoft the world's most valuable company, surpassing Apple