LinkedIn leverages AI to make job searches easy

LinkedIn leverages AI to make job searches easy


Also offers personalized learning materials

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(Web Desk) - LinkedIn unveiled a suite of new AI-powered services on Thursday, aiming to enhance user experience and engagement on its platform.

The company introduced a range of features designed to streamline tasks such as job searching, learning, and content discovery with a focus on leveraging artificial intelligence.

The move signifies LinkedIn's deepening commitment to integrating AI into its offerings, a journey that dates back to 2007 according to Tomer Cohen, the company's head of product.

Over the years, AI has been instrumental in various aspects of LinkedIn, including connection suggestions and ecosystem trust management.

This latest announcement builds upon LinkedIn's previous ventures into AI, such as its partnership with OpenAI in 2023 to introduce reading and writing tools, among others.

AI-powered job searches and applications

LinkedIn aims to empower users in performing human-centric tasks more efficiently by harnessing AI capabilities.
AI-powered job searches and applications.

Key highlights of the new features include a conversational job search tool, which allows users to find relevant job listings using natural language prompts.

AI-powered tools now facilitate the generation of cover letters and provide resume reviews to aid in job applications.

Personalised learning recommendation

In the realm of learning, LinkedIn reports a surge in interest in AI-related courses, prompting the platform to enhance personalization through AI-driven content recommendations.

Premium services

Premium subscribers can access expert advice tailored to their needs, delivered by renowned instructors. LinkedIn is revamping its search functionality, acknowledging past shortcomings in this area.

The forthcoming improvements promise a more intuitive and comprehensive search experience, featuring conversational search capabilities.

As part of its broader strategy, LinkedIn, a subsidiary of Microsoft with a stake in OpenAI, is strategically positioned to leverage existing AI resources while focusing on enhancing user experiences through innovative tools and features.

Alongside the AI-driven innovations, LinkedIn is expanding its offerings to include Recruiter 2024 tools, additional marketing features, and premium company pages tailored for small businesses.

In a tech landscape increasingly defined by AI innovation, LinkedIn's latest moves underscore its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancement and delivering value to its diverse user base.