YouTube to let creators experiment with multiple thumbnails at once

YouTube to let creators experiment with multiple thumbnails at once


Creators can determine which thumbnail got more attention and views

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(Web Desk) - YouTube has unveiled a new tool called "Thumbnail Test & Compare" this week, aiming to assist creators in selecting the most effective thumbnails for their videos.

Initially introduced to a limited group of creators last year, the feature is now widely available.

Creators can test up to three thumbnails, which will be displayed evenly to viewers, upon publishing a new video or updating an existing one.

Creators can determine which thumbnail garners the highest watch time share, by accessing performance data, enabling them to make informed decisions.

The Thumbnail Test & Compare tool is anticipated to be a valuable asset for creators, empowering them to choose engaging preview images that attract more viewers.

As the number of creators continues to rise, making well-informed thumbnail decisions becomes increasingly crucial to maintaining competitiveness.

The testing process can span from a few days to two weeks, contingent upon the video's impression volume and the distinctiveness of the thumbnails.

YouTube advocates testing thumbnails with noticeable differences in layout, backgrounds, and text overlays to ensure comprehensive evaluation.
In the absence of a clear winner, the first thumbnail will be automatically selected but can be changed manually.

Creators can utilize the tool across various content types, including regular videos, podcast episodes, archived livestreams, and public long-form content.

However, it is not applicable to private content or videos designated as mature or "Made for Kids."

Obtaining conclusive test results from older videos may pose challenges due to potential differences in impression volumes compared to newer content.

Thumbnail Test & Compare will gradually roll out to all creators with access to advanced features via YouTube Studio on desktop over the next few weeks. To unlock advanced features, creators must undergo phone and ID verification.

YouTube is actively working on enabling support for the feature on mobile devices.

YouTube has been introducing a suite of new tools for creators to experiment with, including an AI feature enabling viewers to skip to the best part of a video, and features tailored for Shorts, such as AI-generated backgrounds and the ability to design unique effects.