Meta tests 'Meta AI' on WhatsApp, Instagram in Pakistan, India and other markets

Meta tests 'Meta AI' on WhatsApp, Instagram in Pakistan, India and other markets


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(Web Desk) - Meta is currently conducting tests on its new generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot, Meta AI, on platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp in markets including Pakistan, India, and Africa.

The Meta AI chatbot on WhatsApp is designed to engage users in direct message conversations, offering pre-loaded prompts or responding to questions in real-time.

Meta AI's functionality on Instagram extends beyond mere text-based interactions, as users can also utilize it to discover new content on Instagram.

For example, users can initiate searches for specific content within Instagram by engaging with prompts provided by Meta AI.

Some users have reported being able to request suggestions for Instagram Reels through the chatbot. This expansion of functionality underscores Meta's intention to leverage generative AI for content discovery within its platforms.

A Meta spokesperson confirmed these developments, stating that the company is actively testing various generative AI-powered experiences, including Meta AI, in limited capacities.

The chatbot, powered by Llama 2 (Large Language Model Meta AI 2), is equipped to understand complex queries and provide users with easily digestible real-time information.

Meta plans to continue testing Meta AI for several more months, soliciting user feedback and addressing any issues before considering a wider rollout.

The integration of Meta AI into WhatsApp and Instagram presents a significant opportunity for Meta to showcase its advanced language model and image generation capabilities to a vast global audience.

This move could potentially position Meta as a leader in AI-powered interactions, surpassing competitors in reach and functionality within the social media landscape.