Nation celebrates 26th Youm-e-Takbeer today

Nation celebrates 26th Youm-e-Takbeer today


The day is commemorated every year on May 28 to remember the conduction of nuclear tests.

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - Youm-e-Takbeer, the celebration of Pakistan’s atomic explosions in 1998, is being observed today (Tuesday) with a pledge to make the country economically and militarily strong.

The day is commemorated every year on May 28 to remember the conduction of nuclear tests on the very day, in 1998, making seventh nuclear nation of the world and first Islamic state equipped with nuclear arsenal.

Pakistan had conducted nuclear tests in Rasko hills of Chaghi district of Balochistan in response to five nuclear explosions conducted by India, threatening the security of Pakistan.

These nuclear tests gave a clear message to the world that despite Pakistan is a peace loving country but it cannot ignore its defence needs and is capable of meeting any challenge.

Detonation of nuclear devices on May 28, 1998 was culmination of a daring journey took on by Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to make the nation’s defence invincible against the arch rival India.

The programme was started though with limited resources but insurmountable will and passion to ensure that the country becomes a sovereign and strong state unable to be bullied by the hostile powers.

Dreams of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as well as the nation came true in 1998 when the then Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif stood firm against all threats to include Pakistan in the nuclear club by detonating device at Chagai.

It was the will and determination of our nation and the leadership that removed all hurdles on way to achieving this milestone.

There was also a hidden force behind this achievement and a great hero of nation Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan who with his unflinching resolve and commitment fought out all threats to the nation and his own life.

President Ziaul Haq was also less to none in taking forward the nuclear program initiated by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and despite all reservations, the nation cannot ignore his contribution.


Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Monday declared public holiday on May 28 to mark Youm-e-Takbeer, a day when Pakistan’s defence became impregnable after nuclear tests in the hills of Chagai, Balochistan.

Youm-e-Takbeer reminds the Pakistani nation of unity to make the defence of the country invincible, the prime minister said in a statement issued by the PM House.

He said on this day in 1998, the entire nation decided for the integrity of the country, that there would be no compromise by accepting any external pressure on national defence.

He said Youm-e-Takbeer was the day of renewing pledge to always thwart the nefarious designs of the external as well as internal enemies who want to endanger the country through their chaotic politics.

“This is also the day of paying tributes to the measures taken by then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan Army to making the national defence invincible.

Youm-e-Takbeer will be fervently observed today (Tuesday) in remembrance of nuclear tests conducted on May 28, 1998 that made the defence of the country invincible.

The day made Pakistan the seventh nuclear nation of the world and the first Muslim state having the nuclear arsenal in its defense stockpile to exercise maximum deterrence for peaceful purposes.

Resisting the mounting external pressures, the then prime minister Nawaz Sharif went for the bold decision to test the Pakistani nukes and thus balancing the strategic slanting power in the region.