Bring evidence to support accusation or stop maligning state institutions: Vawda

Bring evidence to support accusation or stop maligning state institutions: Vawda


The senator also opposes dual nationality

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Weighing in with a blistering critique on the pressing matter of alleged interference by intelligence agencies in judicial affairs, Senator Faisal Vawda, in a veiled reference to judges of the high courts, stated that they must either provide evidence to support their accusations or refrain from maligning state institutions. 

During a press conference at the National Press Club on Wednesday, the senator assured that he would stand by the judges if evidence is presented, underlining the importance of exposing those meddling in judicial matters. 

But Vawda reiterated that evidence must be provided. 

The senator mentioned that he penned a letter seeking details regarding Justice Babar Sattar's green card status before his appointment 15 days ago, but no response had yet been received. 

Vawda, while addressing Justice Babar Sattar, wondered why the judge chose to speak after a year. “If there is any paperwork, it should be brought forward. Bring evidence of interference, we stand with you,” the senator said, voicing concern over the increasing doubts among the public. 

He also cited Article 2 of the constitution, adding that it stipulates that there should be no greed. 

During his media talk, Vawda took the time to applaud Justice Athar Minallah, saying history will remember him, but not those judges holding dual citizenship. He opined that dual nationality holders must not be holding any positions in state institutions and government departments. 

Vawda highlighted the sacrifices made by soldiers and policemen alike, questioning if the constitution mandates laying down of lives by them [police and military] alone. He deplored that the way intelligence agencies were so repeatedly mentioned it seemed that a state institution was being mocked.

Vawda also berated politicians, suspecting their involvement. 

The senator called for an end to this maligning, emphasising the importance of halting Pakistan's economic decline. 

Vawda said that anyone who poses a challenge to Pakistan will face repercussions. “Those who show respect will receive double in return, while those who act inappropriately will face double the consequences.”

He advised against behind-the curtains gossip, encouraging transparency and openness.