Saeed Anwar's remarks about working women divide internet

Saeed Anwar's remarks about working women divide internet


Saeed Anwar links rising divorce rates with women's financial independence

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(Web Desk) - Former Pakistani cricketer Saeed Anwar has captured the spotlight recently following his divisive comments about women's financial independence. 

A controversy seems to have been generated when a video of the cricketer-turned-commentator discussing his opinions on women entering the job went viral. 

Anwar laments the rise in divorce rates in a widely shared viral video while also blaming the cases on women's ability to work outside the home and become financially independent.

“I have travelled the world. I am just returning from Australia, Europe. Youngsters are suffering, families are in bad shape. Couples are fighting. The state of affairs is so bad that they have to make their women work for money,” the former cricketer highlighted. 

He claimed in the video that, “New Zealand’s captain [for the national men’s cricket team] Kane Williamson called me to ask, ‘How will our society get better?’... The Australian mayor said to me, ‘Our culture has been destroyed since our women entered the workforce'.” 

Telling the risks associated with women financial independence, he said “[The wives say] ‘To hell with you, I can earn myself. I can run a household on my own.’ This is a whole game plan. You will not understand this game plan unless you find guidance.”

Many people, however, criticised Anwar for blaming it on women's financial independence.