Punjab unveils Rs5,446 billion budget 2024-25

Punjab unveils Rs5,446 billion budget 2024-25


Opposition stages strong protest during budget session

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LAHORE (Dunya News) – Punjab Finance Minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman on Thursday presented Rs5,446 billion budget 2024-25 in the Punjab Assembly amid ruckus by the opposition. 

The budget session started two hours late, with Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan in the chair. The session was due to begin at 2pm. 

Opposition protest

The opposition staged a strong protest during the budget presentation. Led by Opposition Leader Malik Ahmad Bhachar, the opposition members gathered in front of the speaker’s dais. They tore up the budget documents and waved them in the House. They chanted slogans against the Punjab government. The opposition caused an uproar in the House in the presence of Maryam Nawaz.

Journalists walk out

Journalists also staged a walkout from the press gallery in protest against the defamation law.

Salaries, pensions, service delivery

Following the federal government, the Punjab government also increased the salaries of the government employees by up to 25 percent. The provincial government increased by the pension of the retired employees by 15 percent. The government allocated Rs610 billion for salaries, Rs445 billion for pensions, and Rs840 billion for service delivery costs.

Rs842 billion development budget

A sum of Rs842 billion has been earmarked for the development budget. Specific allocations are Rs30 billion for Ramazan Package and Rs8 billion for the Central Business District (CBD).

In the development budget outlines, 1,863 total schemes will be presented - 1,617 are ongoing schemes and 246 new schemes will be launched. The roads sector allocation is over Rs22 billion.

Healthcare and social welfare

Rs76.5 billion have been earmarked for specialised healthcare, Rs33.89 billion for primary healthcare, Rs3 billion for population welfare, Rs2 billion for water supply and sanitation, Rs1.7 billion for social welfare, Rs14 billion for local government and community development, and Rs0.92 billion have been fixed for women development.


The provincial government has earmarked Rs69.74 billion for education.

Local government

The government set aside Rs14.4 billion for the local government in Punjab.

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The government allocated Rs 50 billion for the sports in Punjab.

Minimum wage fixed at Rs 37,000

Following the federal government, the Punjab government also fixed minimum wage at Rs 37,000.

Laptop scheme

The government proposes Rs 10 billion for the laptop scheme in the province.


Rs64.60 billion have been allocated for the agriculture in the budget 2024-25.

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The government has allocated Rs 8 billion for the forests in the Punjab budget.

No new tax in Punjab budget 2024-25

No new tax will be levied in the provincial budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 while the focus will be on recovery of taxes already levied to increase the resources.

The government will ensure the utilisation of natural resources and government assets in the province to increase the revenue generation.

The government has been prioritising the education, health and social security while the implementation on the mega projects will be done through public-private partnership.


An amount of Rs187 billion has been fixed for police.

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Record budget for agriculture

Rs1,070.19 billion record amount has been set aside for agriculture sector which was only Rs79 billion last year. Irrigation department will get Rs63.16 billion budget.

NFC share

The Punjab will get Rs3,700 billion from the Federal Divisible Pool under the National Finance Commission (NFC) award while the provincial revenue target is over Rs960 billion.

Industries, planning and development

More than Rs10 billion have been set aside for industries development, Rs37.3 billion for Planning and Development, Rs24 billion for industry and commerce.


A sum of Rs29.54 billion have been set for livestock.

The government will continue the subsidy in food and transport sector while industry and agriculture sectors will be given special attention to increase the provincial productivity.

Both local and international investors will be given equal opportunities for investment. The investment will also be made in the IT sector.

Punjab Enforcement Regulatory Authority

The government has allocated Rs 18 billion for the Punjab Enforcement Regulatory Authority.

Punjab CM Tractor Scheme

The provincial government has proposed Rs 30 billion for Punjab Chief Minister Tractor Scheme for the farmers. Through this scheme, the farmers can get the tractors without any interest.

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Under graduate programme

The government has earmarked Rs 2.5 billion for the undergraduate programme in the province.

Tubewell solar programme

The government has earmarked Rs 9 billion for the Tubewell solar programme.

Kisan Card

The provincial government has allocated Rs 10 billion for the Kisan Cards in the Punjab budget 2024-25.


The government has set aside Rs35 billion for the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) in the budget 2024-25.

Garment City

The government has earmarked Rs 3 billion for the Garment City in the province.

Punjab Khelta Programme

The government has proposed Rs 7 billion for the Punjab Khelta Programme in the province.